Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you "Pirate Fine Arts!"

Pirate Fine Arts: Showing support, and showing their stuff


Mike Christopherson

During the junior high orchestra performance of a “Pirates of the Caribbean” tune, eighth grader Alyssa Fee plucks her viola.


By Mike Christopherson, Managing Editor
Posted Nov 16, 2011 @ 12:47 PM

    Fine arts programs in Crookston's public schools are receiving a financial jolt thanks to the latest efforts of the Pirate Fine Arts Boosters (PFAB), which presented the Crookston School Board with a $13,300 check this week after its latest fund-raising effort.

    A major milestone was reached this year, too, PFAB Board member Jim Kent told school board members, as the eighth and final sound shell will be purchased. Kent said the goal of raising money to purchase eight – for a total cost of around $18,000 – was set in 2005. "That was a major undertaking in itself, and we're finally there," he said.

    PFAB's impact was also on full display Tuesday evening in the Crookston High School auditorium, where the junior high choir, orchestra and band performed their 2011 Fall Concert. Every singer and musician wore a matching new, dark blue Pirate Junior High Music polo shirt. A PFAB contribution helped to make the purchase of the shirts possible, Kent said. (Parents of junior high music students were asked to contribute $5 for their child's shirt.)

    The 2011-12 PFAB membership roster is more than 100 strong, with a mix of  individuals, families and businesses. Depending on their contribution level, they're broken into groups such as the Maestro Club, Bravo Club, Conductor Club, Director Club and PFABulous Club. Want to join? Contact them at PFAB, PO Box 743, Crookston, MN 56716.

    Total contributions in 2011-12 amounted to $22,169, the highest one-year total in the organization’s history. Since it was born in 2011, PFAB contributions total $150,327.

    The $13,300 this year is being allocated as follows:
    • $2,500 each for choral, band and orchestra
    • $500 for Highland School art
    • $1,000 each for CHS art and theater
    • $1,800 for Highland music
    • $1,500 for speech

    In actuality, Kent said, $14,750 was raised, but $1,450 in the form of a contribution to cover auditorium-related costs was made.

    Kent also lauded the Legacy Fund made possible by a 2008 vote of Minnesotans that has brought various artists into the local schools. "PFAB is able to do some cash matches and write some grants because of the fund," he said. "It's made a major impact in our schools."

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