Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crookston High School students to expand horizons on whirlwind art trip

By Katie Davidson, Student Staff Writer for the Crookston Daily Times

  •     They will then make their way to two more art centers; the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts and the Sculpture Garden. "The more famous artists' work is displayed at the Minneapolis Institute," remarked Stegman. "It will be art that's about history and technique." Lastly, the group will make their way to the Sculpture Garden, home to the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry art exhibit.

        The art students will also get to experience another form of art, a Broadway play. "The kids are very excited about this part of the trip," said Stegman. Disney's Beauty and the Beast is the show they will be going to, and Stegman claims it will be "breathtaking."

        Stegman believes the trip will leave a lasting-impression on the students.
        One student who went on the last art trip to Chicago, Brady Larson, is expecting great things from the upcoming visit to Minneapolis. "I liked being exposed to the great art and seeing the city and its sights," said Larson, "and I think this next trip will be another good experience, another eye-opener."

        Not only have the trips proven to be an eye-opener for the students, but they have also enhanced their artistic abilities, giving them insight through exposure to famous art. Stegman believes this trip has helped his students prepare for the state art exhibit that comes later in the school year, but most importantly, he says, "I just want these trips to improve the art program."

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