Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Arts take practice everyday after school!

I was reminded at my granddaughter's ballet and tap class how it takes practice every day to become the great dancer she wants to be.  Yet it has to be fun too!  The following is an example of a great lady teaching after school art classes in Fargo Moorhead.  Be sure to visit her blog:

November Kid Quest

I had an awesome time at the Plains Art Museum on Saturday. The creative juices were flowing, kids were cutting, parents were gluing and everybody was having a blast! I couldn't believe how creative these kids were.

I made over 300 of these guys to be turned into finger puppets. It was a bit like a finger puppet factory at my house!

We had 150 people signed up to participate! That is a lot of art supplies!

This guy was a hoot! I had to help him try to come up with a good mouth for this creature.

Here kitty kitty.

Vampire bat.

A quartet!

Artistic Dad.

I can't wait for next month!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am following my heART!

As many of you know I am an art teacher with Moorhead Public Schools. Due to the poor economy, our district has faced many hardships, and a cut to my job was one of them. I still work 3 hours a day teaching middle school students about art, but have been struggling to find a way to make up for all that lost income!
I have thought long and hard about what my passion is in life, what I am good at, and how I can incorporate what I love into a second job. So, here is where I ended up! Starting in January,I am going to offer after-school art classes for kids in the Fargo- Moorhead area.
I am renting a classroom from Fargo Parks at the Robert D. Johnson center. Classes will be offered on a monthly basis by theme. Students will sign up for a month which includes one class per week, 4 weeks per month.

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