Monday, September 13, 2010

Waterville's Got It Right!

Population: 1,879

In response to economic challenges, the Waterville Community Connections group has rallied around a vision for the community that includes helping local businesses, organizing local events and increasing tourism and recreational opportunities. Volunteers have worked to beautify downtown Waterville through plantings and new benches, and this year, a youth "Horticulture intern" position was created to help with maintenance of these projects. Partnering with the local Good Samaritan nursing home, a small community garden has been established to serve residents who lack garden space and to create connections between generations. Special effort has been made to include local businesses and youth in these projects—for example, the benches were constructed by high school students from lumber purchased at the local lumber yard.
The upcoming Sakatah Arts Experience promises to engage children and adults in various art forms from dance to folk music. Longer term goals include initiating additional city beautification efforts, establishing a youth-oriented community center, making city entrances attractive, cleaning up or refurbishing housing, updating the town's annual Bullhead Days celebration, building an ice rink, promoting the bike trail and establishing a food shelf and thrift store.

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