Monday, April 5, 2010

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APRIL 14th Wednesday

Pick up at airport 12:30 PM

1. 1:30 PM Meet at Valley Technology Park (VTP.) Meet with core group (approx. 30 minutes)

2. 2:00 PM Leave from VTP. Bus Tour of community and potential sites/buildings (2 hours)  drive by Palace/Cathedral, 2:20 PM former Villa, 2:40 PM Fournet, 3:10 PM Union.  Invitation only.

3.  3:30 PM April 14th Library Sun Room Artists and arts organization focus group (1.5 hours)  Invitation only.

4. 5:30 PM Dinner on your own

5. 7:00 PM Public meeting Central High School (1.5 hour) open to public

April 15th Thursday

1.  8:30 AM Finance focus group (1.5 hours)  Invitation only.

2. 10:00 AM 15 minute break 

3.  10:15 AM  City hall meeting room Civic leadership focus group (45 minutes) Invitation only.

4. 11:45 AM  Irishman’ Shanty back room on your own wrap-up lunch  (2-2.5 hours)  Invitation only.

5.  1:30 PM drive to Grand Forks

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